Promate is a talented, innovative and award-winning brand, and they are utterly dedicated to delivering the most specialized and original electronics peripherals solutions. Promate thrive on creativity and devoted to finding an answer to each and every one of your digital entertainment and personal computing demands.

Midocean has been one of the leading wholesalers in the European premiums, promotional products, textile and business gift market for more than 50 years. All marketed products comply with all EU standards and regulations. Midocean are proud to have a range of marketing & sales tools that are rated by their customers to be “best in market”.

Magic Concepts have gifting solutions for you that add the magical touch of creativity to your campaigns. Magnetic foldable pieces with multiple panels provide engaging and ample space for your communication. Magic Concepts mould their ad spaces to your the products creating a surprise for your clients with each fold!

Touchpoint is the brand you can trust to make fun and useful products for your gifting needs. Your brand will stand out with engaging creations which make for the perfect desk accessories and all-time companions. With a wide range of products, Touchpoint is where technology mingles with creativity.

Office Blocks have found an innovative alternate use of building blocks; one that differentiates your brand from the competitors. They infuse innovative technological solutions with building blocks, creating stationery and products that your clients will not want to let go of. Surprise them with gifts that take your brand beyond their desks!

Aqua Ideas use the unlikely and interesting combination of innovative technology and water/liquids. Aqua Ideas believe that motion drives attention and creates products that captivate the attention of your clients and keep them engaged with unique ideas for positioning your brand.

Rubik’s is an iconic brand of promotional products that combines fun & utility with an interactive twist. With an eclectic range of technology & office products that are customisable for truly showcasing your brand in a memorable manner, Rubik’s is the go-to brand for your event & gifting needs.